What to Expect in a Session:

After a brief intake, client lies down fully dressed on a massage table or may sit in a chair if that is more comfortable. Soft soothing music is played as practitioner channels the healing energy by gently placing her hands on, near or above areas of the body needing attention. This activates the body's natural ability to heal itself and creates a state of balance. As energy is transferred to the body; you may experience, warmth, coolness or vibratory energy similar to the feeling of ripples or a tingling sensation emanating from the practitioner's hands. Although effects vary from person to person, most people experience a feeling of complete relaxation and a sense of calmness. All techniques are gentle, non invasive and always work for the person's highest good as the energy goes where it is needed to bring the body and mind into balance. A session does not involve massage, manipulation of muscles, use of drugs or substances. Sessions are pleasant, relaxing, and are effective for one's own personal wellness, not just for illness. All path offerings are suitable for people of all ages.